A podcast network made by she’s and they’s.
For everyone.


Period is for everyone.  Period is often a word spoken in hushed tones. And whether you are a person who experiences periods or not, we want you to experience Period with us. For us, a period is a defining punctuation. It owns itself, confident and unapologetic. This network is about letting women and nonbinary people be heard.  It is about taking the hush, the doubt, the fears that women and nonbinary people experience, and turning towards an age of boldness, confidence, and bravery.

Ultimately, Period is simple. It’s a podcast network hosted, produced, and engineered by women and nonbinary people. Our goal is to educate our audience on a diverse array of topics. We believe that women deserve to trust their own expertise. Women’s experiences are valuable.

Trans women are women. Feminism must be intersectional. We are always learning and would love to hear we can do better.

Do you have a voice you want to share? Period is here for you.

Hop over to the Contact link on our website here, and email or connect with us on social media.

Check out our amazing team!

Makenzie Mizell – Producer

Makenzie Mizell (rhymes with “Gazelle”) has produced award-winning content (Mueller, She Wrote 2019 People’s Voice Webby) for major media outlets (Starburns Audio, Daily Beast). In addition to heading up the day to day operations at Period they also produce, engineer, and edit Period productions. They are available for freelance au

Kate Segal – Audio + Video Editor

Kate is a writer/comedian in LA who brings her passion for well-paced conversation to the editing bay. She prides herself on knowing exactly what someone means when they say “give me a kind of Wilson Philips “Hold On” cut for this video.” Her editing work can be heard/seen in unexpected places, but also some of it’s here: https://vimeo.com/katesegal and here: katersegal.com

Kara – Illustrator

Kara is a storyboard artist and illustrator with a love for the fantastical. She received her BFA in Art and Design from the University of Michigan and currently lives in LA. Her work can be found on her website and Instagram account (@kartgue).

Visit her site:  kartgue.com

Alli Slice – Social Media Manager

Alli Slice is a writer and producer of sci-fi, food, and sci-fi food podcasts. The things that bring them life are cats, TV, and the overly earnest tweets of Frankie Muniz. Alli currently lives in LA without a car, which so far they do not recommend.  

Ariel Hart – Logo Designer

Ariel is excited about new media, team-building, education and mentorship. In her personal work, she’s seeking the intersection of imaginary products and genuine brand marketing. With a preferred medium of GIF (hard G), she considers social media an artist’s statement and living will. Living and working in LA, Ariel is gardening, shitposting, interested in falling in love and open to animation-first projects.

AM Davies – Web Designer

AMD is our web designer, along with being one of our hosts.  She is a sex worker that has experience in making many sites, mostly for other females and/or sex workers.  AMD is a public figure with a ton of experience in media, live streaming, video editing, event producing and yes, website design.  Her websites: thequeenofsexy.com and yesastripperpodcast.com