Period is our creative collective.

A Platform for All Voices: Our shows are hosted by individuals from groups whose talents are often untapped in mainstream podcasting and media. We strive to provide a platform where every voice is heard and celebrated.

Intersectionality Matters: We aim for intersectionality, recognizing and celebrating the interconnectedness of identities. Our content reflects the complexity of human experiences, fostering understanding and empathy.

Periods Don’t Define Us: You don’t have to have periods to be a part of Period – our community is inclusive and welcomes everyone. Trans women are women.

Supporting Sex Workers: We proudly stand with and support sex workers. Period is committed to destigmatizing the experiences of sex workers through first-hand narratives.

Continuous Learning: We are always learning and evolving. Our commitment to growth means we actively seek out new perspectives and engage in ongoing education to better understand the world around us. Please contact us if you have suggestions for how we can grow and improve.


Our hosts are amazing!